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            • 1987March

              Beilian Commercial Co., Ltd. was established.

            • 1989

              ShunGang Furniture Mall was developed by Beilian Commercial Co., Ltd.
              It was the prototype of the current Lecong Furniture World

            • 1990July 1

              Beilian Aluminum Factory (manufacturing and sales) was set up to lead Sunlink to industry and commerce .

            • 1994March

              Sunlink Commerce Co., Ltd. was established to develop specialized markets.
              1994Lecong Furniture City was established with the joint effort of Sunlink.
              It is the largest furniture city worldwide and the section called Sunlink Furniture City (South) belongs to Sunlink Commerce Co.Ltd.

            • 1995January

              The brand of Mejazz was launched as the first high-end brand for imported furniture in Lecong, effectively promoting the transformation of the Furniture City .

            • 1996

              Sunlink Co., Ltd.Hong Kong was established and has involved to Sunlink Holdings (H.K.) LTD. which actively explores the real estate business and focuses on discovering potential commercial properties. By renovation projects and readjustment of tenants, Sunlink Holdings (H.K.) LTD. improves the quality and value of the properties.